This week, the Fantom Foundation launches a $500M incentives program, 1inch releases a wallet for Android, and DeFi TVL recovers.
This week, Tron launches its USDD stablecoin with 30% interest, Opera integrates BNB Chain and a Virginia County pension fund looks to DeFi.
This week, NEAR raises $150m, Polygon Zero debuts Plonky ZK advancement, 0x API on Optimism, and DeFi Alliance is now Alliance DAO
This week, Multicoin announces a new $430 Web3 fund, StarkNet confirms a token and Celsius files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
This week, Harmony announces $300m fund, Tempus Finance gets a 50k Balancer grant, SOL staking is live with Lido, and BTC in El Salvador
This week, UST and FRAX take on DAI on Curve, a new token standard is created on Ethereum and NEAR Protocol raises $350M.
This week, Tron announces a stablecoin with 30% yield, Optimism may by launching a token, and Framework Ventures announces a $400M web3 fund.
This week, Kyberswap on Arbitrum, Avalanche announces $290m in incentives, Cega gets $3.4m for Solana derivatives, and Wirex adds Paraswap
This week, Variant raises $450M for two new crypto funds, Unstoppable Domains acquires unicorn status and Velodrome passes $100M in TVL on Optimism.
This week, Uniswap Labs launches a venture arm and a swap widget, a USN stablecoin draws NEAR and Nexo launches a new crypto-loan bank card.
This week, Kuiper offers DeFi native indexes, Aave executes cross-chain governance, 1inch adds new stablecoin pools, and Dune raises $69m
This week, Optimism raises $150m Series B, Sushiswap launches new AMM aggregator, Aave debuts V3, and Ethereum merges in Kiln