A weekly recap on all things DeFi
This week, US Congress looks to ban certain algo stablecoins, Nomura launches a crypto VC unit and FV Bank accepts direct deposits in USDC.
This week in DeFi The Ethereum Merge goes live, Compound Finance opens lending to institutions and Maker doubles its stETH ceiling for minting DAI.
This week, Ethereum activates its Bellatrix upgrade, Binance removes USDC markets and Coinbase goes against the US Treasury over Tornado Cash sanctions.
This week, 1inch airdrops $OP to wallet users on Optimism, Curve hints a Sept. stablecoin launch and Arbitrum completes its Nitro upgrade.
This week, the Ethereum foundation confirms dates for the Merge, Coinbase announces liquid ETH staking, and Symbolic Capital raises $50M for…
This week, CoinFund raises $300M for a new Web3 fund, Tether takes back the spotlight and Unstoppable domains launches as app for managing yourWeb3…
This week, the US Treasury sanctions Tornado Cash, Ethereum PoW futures go live on BitMEX and the Curve Finance front-end gets exploited.
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