A weekly recap on all things DeFi
This week, Solana and Nomad see major exploits, Aave goes ahead with its GHO stablecoin and Ethereum PoW supporters rise ahead of the Merge.
This week, Variant raises $450M for two new crypto funds, Unstoppable Domains acquires unicorn status and Velodrome passes $100M in TVL on Optimism.
This week, Curve hints at launching its own stablecoin, Polygon announces zkEVM rollups and SkyBridge may be launching a web3 fund.
This week, Multicoin announces a new $430 Web3 fund, StarkNet confirms a token and Celsius files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
This week, Aave looks to launch a stablecoin, Shiba Inu is expanding its ecosystem and MakerDAO lends to a legacy bank.
This week, FTX looks to acquire a distressed BlockFi, Compound goes multi-chain and ConsenSys partners with StarkWare.
This week, dYdX decides to ditch Ethereum scaling for its own chain on Cosmos, Solend stirs up governance drama and Uniswap steps into NFTs.
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